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The slide - From Vigilant to Complacent

Let's Keep Our Focus!

Often after a major event or a good training session, everyone gets on the bandwagon on proper guarding. "Okay, NO buddy guarding, everyone in the proper positions!" Unfortunately, this only lasts a short time and then complacency sets back in.  As a supervisor this complacency is easy to spot.

  • Guards out of position - placing themselves into positions of convenience rather than sightlines and response time - often close to the staff room or near coworkers where they can chat. Often these positions are on the glare side of the pool creating even more problems.
  • The distractions start to creep in. This could be anything from adjusting the deck radio (with their back to the pool), applying nail polish (REALLY!), to blatant buddy guarding. In extreme cases it may involve the use of their personal phones (YIKES!).
  • Poor rotations. Instead of waiting for the next guard to cover the zone during the rotation, the guards simply move to the next position as soon as they see the next guard approaching. This often leads to loss of coverage during the rotation.
  • Early clean-up before closing so everyone can get out early. Great if someone is guarding exclusively at the time. This is often not the case. This may also annoy the public.
  • Attitudes change from vigilance to a false sense of invincibility. This is the most serious effect as it involves getting people's thinking back in order.

What can I say? Guard Hard or go Home!

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