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The Online Phenomenon

Well we can now take almost any program online. Is this a good thing or not? I'm going to share what works and doesn't work; and I'm going to focus on First Aid.

First and foremost which market does this appeal to?

- Those that live in remote areas where these courses are far and few between.
- Those that have taken the program before and need to recertify.
- Those that comprehend well on written material.
- Those that are very comfortable using computers or other online devices.

What should you look for when selecting an online First Aid program?

- Look for a nationally recognized provider; there are a few. Red Cross, Lifesaving Society, St John, Heart and Stroke are some that come to mind. Not all of them offer online.
- Make certain, and this is critically important - there MUST be a classroom portion to cover the skills and answer questions.
- The online portion needs to work; the biggest gripe from student is over complicated and buggy web portals. It's got to work for a 10 year old and a 100 year old.
- Can you exit the program and come back and continue?
- Is there a "forum" feature for questions?
- Can you contact the instructor or anyone if needed, and what is the response time?

Further Tips:
- Once you receive your link to the program, get started right away. You may be surprised how long it actually takes.
If you are taking First Aid for the first time - take a classroom course in its entirety.

Online may cause grief when you can't ask questions and get answers quickly.

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