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The all important safety step during a deadly pandemic

What do we do now in a first aid situation? Someone needs our help, and we're too scared to come close fearing infection. The fear is real; people have died from this coronavirus in large numbers. I don't have a pat answer that will offer a definitive solution.

I do recall listening to a nurse on a TV interview. She was willing to help but made it clear that her safety and well being came first.

We can at the very least contact EMS, if the patient is responsive and lucid we could council them on self help at a distance.

I'm not going to council anyone to place themselves in obvious danger. Do what you can and keep yourself as safe as possible.

Authorities have strongly advised us to just stay home when ill. This lowers our unnecessary risk of getting into trouble in the first place.  If you do go out - keep your distance from others; wear a mask and wear it properly. Wash your hands regularly and properly.

Undoubtedly this pandemic will change our approach to first aid in the future. My sincere hope, is that the spirit of helping a fellow human being in need, is not lost.

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